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Hozelock Ltd was originally set up by Sydney Codling in 1959 to sell hoses and garden equipment including the first plastic quick-connector hose connector. As well as manufacturing the equipment in the Haddenham factory they also designed many of their own products.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Since change of ownership,a previously great culture has deteriorated - Senior management now seem to view employees as costs to be minimised rather than assets - Capable, experienced staff leave and are replaced by fewer and more junior staff."

Current Contractor - Administrative says

"No real job security as a temp, as once the season is over, you’re out of work. Work itself is tedious at best. Outdated systems."

Current Employee - Product Design Engineer says

"The company is not very fast paced"

Lance windsor says

"just nearly blinded myself with hose pipe because hose lock don't have A simple basic mount for my hose gun,i rang them to tell them iam in agony with my right eye as it nearly blinded me the man didn't listen to me but instead tried to justify themselves because i told them they are lucky i don't sue them,he was very rude towards me & uncaring,i will never buy anything from hose lock again absolutely disgusting outcome from them,no doubt when they see this bad review of them they will come on acting all innocent to make themselves look innocent saying sorry to here you had such A bad experience with one of our customer service staff,please get intouch with us to discuss this & all that usual rubbish,i will def not get intouch with them again after that experience i have just had from there appauling costomer services!!!!!!"

Rhian says

"They have the rudest and most unhelpful service. I never usually write these types of review but I would recommend not buying anything from this company."

Karl Rymes says

"Worst hoze I ever bought. Kept getting bulges to the point it exploded in multiple places. Absolutely crap. Dont bother.
Owned for 3 months then went in the bid.
Complete waste of money would NOT recomend"

Shelly Horner says

"Purchased a 60m hose reel. I have disabilities and found it incredibly hard to hold the three items together, and a screw, a screwdriver and a washer and bolt. In fact impossible so the Gorilla tape came out to hold it together. It was very painful for me to do all this. I did not understand why something so difficult, with rubbish instructions, was acceptable as its common sense. I emailed Customer Services who in fairness did respond very quickly, full marks for that, but my email was about why was it made that way when it causes issues. In addition to this the handle on the hose reel comes off and the push in end cap does not push in at all; so not a well made product at all with a bad design. I asked why it was not sold already put together? Simple question eh? Apparently not. I got a response defending it and making it out to be my fault that I did not look at their website first in how to put it together. WHY WOULD I???? Last hose reel I bought it was together. Why make it so difficult for users. Some of us do have disabilities, some of us do not have four hands and Amazon strength, but I would not recommend the 60m hose reel to anyone ... nor the company after such poor customer service response. Correct one is 'thank you, sorry to hear you had difficulties, I will feed this back up to the managers', even if nothing is done, at least make the customer happy that they are being listened to not try to make it their fault that the design is poor ... very disappointed in their attitude.
Added ... Sadly the reply below does not reflect the whole exchange. It is very heavily edited to make themselves look fantastic. Insulting customers with false accusations in writing is not the best way to behave. Furthermore they have not addressed any of the issues. Not one!!! Following their emails to me after my initial review my opinion has gone down even further!!"

Michael Wright says

"I wrote seeking guidance on which products to use when installing 3 automatic watering systems. Other than responses to detail points I was advised to consult one of their stockists. As a result I'm not much further forward!"

Koren Watts says

"We bought a tuffhoze for the fact it started it was a non kinking hose. It kinks! Today, after about 2 years of use everyday twice a day, it has become disconnected at one end from its metal, non leak, connection.
It has a 30 year guarantee. It hasn't lasted 3 years!"

Roger Parker says

"My hosepipe (Gardena - brilliant quality) was getting a little heavy for me to lug around the garden, and a friend of mine suggested a small hand-held pump sprayer.
So, I bought a hozelock 1.25l pressure spray. The first one failed after 3 weeks so it was replaced by Amazon. When the replacement failed Amazon directed me to Hozelock. I spoke to a lady on the phone and see asked me lots of questions to try to determine the problem. She concluded that I needed a repair kit and I would have to send them my receipt. And then she would send out the relevant parts required. So I got my son to email it to them. Now they want a video of it not working despite a very detailed written description I have already sent them. Its been used 6 or 7 times and its the second one I have had in as many weeks. I can only presume Hozelock have decided they have enough market share or at least the staff on the helpdesk do. Asking for a video to be sent by an 'OAP' probably sounds really easy for the representative asking, but to me you may as well ask me to perform brain surgery. Good tactic Hozelock! Suffice to say, I would not buy anything else that was Hozelock for fear of it breaking and having to claim on the warranty."

kel says

"Cant buy a spare spring for a garden autoreel.

Means I am going to have to bin something that would take 2minutes to fix. Poor environmental thinking from a company that makes a lot of things in plastic.
Yes its old , yes its broke, but I could fix it if they sold the spare part!

Hoselock comment - health and safety - Wow bet more people are hurt from tripping up over garden hoses so best stop selling that as well!"

Steve Williams says

"I bought a Superhoze 15 m in July 2018 and due to the pipe bursting in Sept 19(replaced) and Sept 20(replaced),this company are only prepared to guarantee the 3rd pipe until 2021....disgrace....
I've read some of the reviews below and yes,whilst the company responds promptly and deals with the issue,you should be asking yourselves WHY don't they last...answer...poor workmanship...foreign built rubbish.Won't be buying Hozelock again for sure!!"

Glenis says

"Bought a Hozelock 2in1. Bought in July, instructions are awful. And the hose is too heavy for the plastic casing. It is easier to wind the hose outside and around the casing. Therefore no point in it being in a case! Very bad design and not recommended. A waste of £44. Do not buy!"

Customer says

"I fell into a trap of having one or two Hozelock items then having to purchase the rest so it all suited each other. Actually, the quality is shocking. Broken connectors, failed O rings, water pouring out of guns, waterstop connectors exploding, seems like every time I use the hose I get wet.

When I asked for help with a reasonably expensive and 7 month old retractable reel, I got the 'you can purchase another at a discounted rate' line. I jolly well do not think that's even remotely good customer service.

If you want something good quality, look elsewhere."

Angela Reeves says

"I am about to return my 3rd Hozelock 40m auto reel purchased within the last 3 weeks. All of the auto reels have the same fault, after the correct connection procedure and turning on the outside tap, water is pouring out from the bottom of the actual unit. Each unit I purchased from an individual supplier. I though that by doing this I would avoid the same problem. This has turned out not to be the case. I rang Hozelock Customer Service 2 times today regarding this issue and to ask why the same 3 units I purchased are leaking so badly. The first person advised that I was to tighten the white outlet valve on the unit where the hose is then attached to the outside tap. The person said that if this didn't work then it was likely to be one of the the faulty batch sent out from Europe where the hose is not connected properly inside the unit during the manufacturing process. I rang customer service again as the advice from the agent did not work. The second agent showed little interest when I explained the situation and told her that this was my 3rd hose in 3 weeks. On asking to speak to a manager I was told that The manager would not be able to help me regarding this issue and that I was to return it to the supplier. I am left with a 3rd auto reel not fit for purpose that I have to return. This is not an easy task for me, I have a disability and will now yet again have great difficulty returning this item to the supplier. Given the lack of Hozelocks help today I will not be purchasing a 4th auto reel or any other item from this manufacturer!!!"

Karen Turner says

"I contacted to check that I was putting the washers in the correct place in my easyclear pump as my bulb kept blowing. I was advised that maybe the quartz sleeve may have a crack in it. When I checked on line I noticed that there was a recall on my pump and I had not been advised by customer services to check my serial number to see if it was one of the recalls. When I made contact again i was sent the link to buy spares which I had already looked at. Then contacted again to say the sleeve should be replaced under the guarantee, after sending photos of sleeve and receipt I finally got a replacement. I do think that I should have been advised by the first agent to check the recall information when it is an electrical item and goes in water. Happy to finally have pump working 🙂"

Alan says

"We can not complain about the customer service except that it is somewhat inconsistent. The problem lies with the product, this is our third Superhoze that we have had to return because each exploded.
The first time we complained we were asked to return the end pieces at our expense the second time we were asked just to photograph the hose intact and this time we were asked to cut off the end pieces and send a photo. The whole process makes us feel like we are in the wrong and not trusted when it is the product that is clearly faulty. It carries a 5 year guarantee so we would suggest they improve the product to avoid disappointed customers in future"

James says

"Purchased the 10L Pressure Spray Gun Plus. The sprayer seems to work OK (only used it once) but the build quality is atrocious. For a company whose entire product range is based on molded plastic you would thing they'd know how to do it. The clips holding the strap in place do not interconnect correctly and frequently fail, even when the unit is only half full. No doubt, if the unit cracked when it hits the floor, it would be classed as customer misuse and not Hoselock's problem. Save your money, buy from a company that has a modicom of quality control."

mike says

"Recently purchased a portable camping shower unit from them. The shower itself was absolutely fine and a good product. Unfortunately when i dismantled it for storage until the summer my son trod on a small plastic connector from the shower head. I contacted customer services who were quick to reply and helpful but it is going to cost me £10 to replace the part as you have to buy the entre shower head just to replace the small compression nut that is damaged, which in itself probably has a value of a few pence."

Bill A says

"Purchased the hose from B&Q in September 2020, used it 3 times and then the internal hose burst. Receipt sadly lost. Unfortunately I’ve experienced this problem with previous other brand expandable hoses, but this one holds the record for short life. I find this hose type really useful for filling my motorhome water tank and easy stowage, but the quality seems poor. Now I carry a repair kit (available online) so at least I can patch it up when the inevitable happens.
Update: Having been contacted by Hozelock, I have updated my review in recognition of the quick and reasonable response from Customer Services. Time will tell how robust the replacement hose will be."

Andrew says

"I was unable to put an item I wanted to buy in the shopping trolley. Your help team sent me a link to the Support/Spares site. It would have been nice to hear that the bigger problem was understood - that there is no clear difference between the two webpages and nothing which directs a user to the right page.
A better response would tell me that you are going to fix the issue in some way on the webpage."

Archer says

"Faulty 40 m Auto Reel. Slow in arranging a replacement so I bought another on next-day delivery through Amazon. Asked for refund, but only replacement permitted. Luckily, my son needed an Auto Reel, so I accepted offer of replacement.
After I had cut hose completely off defective reel and provided photographic evidence, the replacement reel arrived within 3 days!
Overall process slow with slowish response to emails and difficulty getting the operative to understand the precise fault, but rapid progress in last few days."

Trevor Walker says

"Loved the hose, well for a year and all of a sudden when using tonight it burst! I've not kept my receipt so assuming I can't get a replacement. Which ia very frustrating!! Found it really good and it is great it just coils back into it a box, just a shame it only lasted the year."